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Dadata Consulting services offering and approach have been refined during several projects into a best in class methodology.  Get the most out of Collibra with our professional services to help you reach your goals faster with expert advice throughout your entire journey.  From early-stage strategy advisory to managed services and accelerators – we’ve got you covered.


Data and development is our bread and butter. But in all this complexity, it is our job to find a way to simplify that complexity and to ensure that where the customers are (online) and what the customer does is simple, fast, and frictionless.

To make this work, we have to think customer experience-first, interaction design-second, and technology-third. They are not mutually exclusive or less important — but it is our approach to start by asking human questions to technical solutions.

Collibra Capabilities

  • Business glossary

  • Roles & responsibilities

  • Data ownership

  • Data governance council support

  • KPI & metrics glossaries

  • Report catalog

  • Report certification & watermarking

  • Business data lineage & traceability

  • Data dictionary

  • Data catalog

  • Critical data elements

  • Technical data lineage

  • Data helpdesk

  • Data ingestion requests & control

  • Data sharing agreements

  • Data policy compliance & revalidation

  • Data privacy

  • Analytical model governance

  • Attribute governance

  • Workflows

  • Integration with other applications

New Capabilities

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